Cory Morrow
Musician - Country
Memorial High School


Country music recording artist Cory Morrow is probably best known as one of the most popular performers in Texas , working his way up from unknown songwriter in 1993 to current bona-fide household name on the Texas music scene and beyond.

With his rugged good looks and passionate song delivery, Morrow has sold more than 200,000 records independently, released six albums to date (four studio and two live recording), received acclaim from country music's toughest critics and established a massive base of fans that stretches from the dance halls of Texas to rock clubs in North Carolina . His latest studio recording, Nothing Left to Hide (street date: Aug. 30, 2005), reflects Morrow's personal and professional evolution.

Morrow � in famous for his recent bad-boy behavior � got a wake-up call in January 2005 and learned an important lesson that forced him to reevaluate his life and choices. With some self-understanding and much support from fellow musicians, he has moved on, leaving that part of his past behind.

�The whole situation allowed me to open my eyes and see there were issues in my life that needed addressing,� Morrow says. �I started to really see things in a different light. I am very fortunate to be in the position where I can share my music with thousands and thousands of people. Nothing is worth jeopardizing that.�

Morrow penned several songs for Nothing Left to Hide that mirror the changes he was going through, including �Heart of Fire� (a life-affirming anthem with a galloping beat); the first single, �Beat of Your Heart� ( romantic lyrics with drum-driven organ swells); �A Whole Lot� (with its big arena sound); and the closer, �Carnival Ride� (a modern dirge).

Teaming with producer/songwriter/guitarist Keith Gattis (Dwight Yoakam and Waylon Payne), Nothing Left To Hide blends West Coast country and rock sounds with Texas storytelling, resulting in a tight mix of ballads and stompers with lyrical depth.

�Really, this record is an extension of my growth as a songwriter, performer and � more important � as a person. I've grown a lot from the time that I put out my last studio record. I've found that going with my gut and listening to my heart is the most important thing,� says Morrow. �I wanted Keith to produce this record from the get-go, and he was instrumental in cultivating my music, molding it and shaping it into new directions. He allowed other influences to break through without stripping away the roots or core of what I do best.�

Morrow was born in 1972 in Houston . He started playing guitar while a student at Memorial High School and attended Texas Tech University until 1993, when he moved to Austin to pursue music full-time.

Morrow's break into mainstream country came in 2002 with the release of his independent studio album Outside the Lines . It quickly climbed to #28 on Billboard's Country Album chart, #3 on the magazine's Internet Sales chart, #8 on its Independent Album chart and #16 on Heatseekers chart � and SoundScan ranked him #7 among �country debut artists� that year.

Morrow and his band continue to connect with music lovers � drawing standing-room-only crowds, filling dance floors and delighting fans with more than 150 high-energy performances a year � on tours that take them through Texas, the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest.

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