Musician - Jazz

Nesbert Stix Hooper

Wheatley High School

Nesbert "Stix" Hooper (born August 15, 1938) is an American soul jazz/hard bop jazz drummer born in Houston, Texas, probably best known for founding his group The Swingsters, which later became known as The Jazz Crusaders.[1]

Wayne Henderson

Wheatley High School

Wayne Henderson (b. September 24, 1939 in Houston, Texas) is a soul-jazz and hard bop trombonist and record producer. In 1961, he co-founded the soul jazz/hard bop group The Jazz Crusaders.[1] Henderson left the group (who had changed their name to T

Wilton Felder

Wheatley High School

Wilton Lewis Felder (born August 31, 1940, Houston, Texas[1]) is both a saxophone and bass player, and is best known as a founding member of The Crusaders, initially called the Jazz Crusaders. Felder, Wayne Henderson, Joe Sample, and Stix Hooper foun

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