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    Bill Hicks

    Stratford High School - Class of 1980


    Bob Biggerstaff

    McCullough High School

    Bracelet of Bordeaux, nationally known comedian

    Dennis Hemphill 

    Clear Lake High School

    played character Francis in Bring it on Again movie

    Dwight Slade

    Stratford High School

    Comedian; former comedian of the year in Seattle, WA. Radio personality?

    Emily Tarver 

    Woodlands High School

    T-Mobile Commercial, Loews Hardware Commercial.

    Jeff Burghart

    Jersey Village High School - Class of 1988


    Sean Rouse

    Katy High School - Class of 1993


    Thomas Miles

    Eisenhower High School

    Thomas "Nephew Tommy" Miles was Born in Houston, Texas. He is an actor, comedian, producer, and entrepreneur. He currently co-hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show and The Steve Harvey Projects on the BET network.

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  • Kylie - Elsik High School
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