Musician - Rap / Hip Hop

Brad Terrence Jordan (Scarface)

Willowridge High School

Brad Terrence Jordan (born on November 9, 1970 in New Jersey), better known by his stage name Scarface (and formerly Akshen) is an American rapper originally known for his work as a member of The Geto Boys. He has been a solo artist since 1991, becom

Carlos Coy (South Park Mexican)

Milby High School - Class of 1987

Coy was born to Arturo Coy, an ex-Marine from the Falfurrias community in Brooks County, and a woman who dropped out of high school to marry her spouse. The marriage disintegrated three years after Coy's birth. Coy's sister, Sylvia Coy, described her

Cory Moore

Eisenhower High School - Class of 1995

A self taught Musician, with influences from Russell Simmons, Quincy Jones, OutKast, Geto Boys & U.G.K., Cory "Mo" has experienced the music world like no other, and at a young age of 25 he plans to stop no time soon...... Cory "Mo" along with his

Hakeem Seriki aka Chamillionaire

Jersey Village High School - Class of 1998

The Bottom Line Chamillionaire has become an integral part of the Houston rap scene, with catchy hooks and sinister flows, an inescapable force that's incredibly tight but busting out of the seams. It's pretty rare, and at the same time, equally

Michael Jones "Mike Jones"

Eisenhower High School - Class of 2001

There's a common misconception that as an artist, you are inferior without the backing of a major label. You aren't supposed to be able to garner enough attention to gain shouts from Jay-Z or DJ Clue during an episode of MTV's Direct Effect. Nor are

Paul Wall (Paul Slayton)

Jersey Village High School - Class of 1998

Even a little bit of money, fame, or success can change a person. But with six albums, a successful grills business (Grills by Paul Wall), and global recognition, Paul Wall is still the same platinum-toothed hustler from Houston. Following his #1,

Robert Earl Davis, Jr (DJ Screw)

Sterling High School

DJ Screw, born Robert Earl Davis, Jr. (July 20, 1971 � November 16, 2000), was a central figure in the Houston hip hop scene. His innovation included the trademark technique of slowing down the basic tracks of a cut when he remixed it. This pr

Slim Thug (Stayve Thomas)

Eisenhower High School - Class of 1999

Nationally recognized rapper

Wesley Eric Weston, Jr (Lil Flip)

Worthing High School

Wesley Eric Weston, Jr. (born March 3, 1981 in Houston, Texas), better known by his stage name Lil' Flip, is an American rapper known for his freestyle ability, and for becoming one of the first Houston rap artists to become mainstream and nationally

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  • Cristian Jaron Quick - Cy-Falls High School
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