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    Albert "Al" Edwards

    Wheatley High School

    Texas State Representative of District 146

    Alberto Gonzalez

    MacArthur High School

    Attorney General of the United States

    Arthur M. Gaines

    Wheatley High School

    Member of the Houston ISD school board

    Barbara Jordan

    Wheatley High School

    Member of Congress from 1973 to 1979

    Bob Kelly

    Bellaire High School - Class of 1962

    Mayor, City of West University Place, Texas

    Cheryl Thompson-Draper

    Spring Branch High School - Class of 1969

    Port of Houston Authority Commissioner 2000-2006

    David Dewhurst

    Lamar High School - Class of 1963

    Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas

    David Kay

    Milby High School - Class of 1958

    Leader of the United Nations Inspection Team in Iraq and 70 other countries

    diana davila martinez

    Austin High School

    State representative/sworn in in 1993

    Dwayne Bohac

    Scarborough High School

    State Representative

    El Franco Lee

    Wheatley High School

    Harris County Commissioner

    Garnet Coleman

    Yates High School

    Gene Green

    Davis High School

    George Walker Bush

    Kinkaid School

    United States President

    Harold V. Dutton

    Wheatley High School

    Texas State Representative of District 142

    Jack Fields Jr.

    Humble High School

    Former U.S. Congressman

    Jeb Hensarling

    A&M Consolidated

    Congressman Jeb Hensarling is a life-long conservative dedicated to advancing the principles of faith, family, free enterprise, and freedom. Jebís combination of principled conservatism and practical political experience culminated in his being elect

    Jerry Eversole

    South Houston High School

    Harris County Commissioner

    Joe Roach

    Clear Lake High School

    Houston city councilman

    John Carter

    Bellaire High School

    Republican United States Congressional Representative from the 31st District in Texas

    John Culberson

    Lamar High School

    Republican congressman from Texas, representing that state's 7th congressional district

    John Davis

    South Houston High School

    Texas House of Representatives

    Joseph Cao

    Jersey Village High School

    US Congressman

    Judge Mark Foster

    Clear Creek High School

    Judge Foster serves the County of Galveston as Justice of the Peace for 16 yrs

    Justice Jack B. Jacobs

    Bellaire High School

    Justice of the Supreme Court, State of Delaware

    Mark White

    Lamar High School

    Former Democratic governor of Texas

    Mickey Leland

    Wheatley High School

    Member of the Texas House of Representatives

    Paul Begala

    Dulles High School

    Political consultant, commentator and was an advisor to President Bill Clinton

    Pete Olson

    Clear Lake High School

    Congressman for the 22nd district of Texas

    Stephen C. Schneider

    Spring Woods High School - Class of 1971

    Mayor of the City of Jersey Village (1995-2001)

    Steve Radack

    Bellaire High School

    Current Harris County Commissioner

    Sylvester Turner

    Klein High School

    Chairman of Budget and Oversight of the Regulated Industries Committee

    Ted Poe

    Spring Woods High School - Class of 1965

    Attorney, Criminal Courts Judge, and Currently U.S. Congressman (2nd Cong. District, Houston).

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  • Jerri Neely - Cy-Fair High School
  • Mark Goldberg - Madison High School
  • Nelda Luce Blair - Conroe High School
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