Carlos Coy (South Park Mexican)
Musician - Rap / Hip Hop
Milby High School c/o 1987


Coy was born to Arturo Coy, an ex-Marine from the Falfurrias community in Brooks County, and a woman who dropped out of high school to marry her spouse. The marriage disintegrated three years after Coy's birth. Coy's sister, Sylvia Coy, described herself as his "mother-sister" [1]. Coy attended various elementary schools, before entering the music magnet program at Welch Middle School. His family moved from southeast Houston to South Park, and Coy attended Woodson Middle School [2]. At 13 he began smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. He attended Milby High School until 1987, when he was expelled for assaulting a female student. Coy attended an alternative school after his expulsion. He was still designated as a first-year high school student at age 17 when he decided to leave high school for good [2]. Coy obtained a GED and enrolled in San Jacinto Junior College within one year of leaving high school. Coy, aiming for a business associate's degree, failed all five of his classes. Coy worked at a chemical plant but found the rashes affecting his sensitive skin and the six United States dollars per hour wage to be unacceptable. Coy started dealing crack cocaine [2].

In 1995, Carlos, along with his brother Arthur, Jr., founded his own record label, Dope House Records [3]. He later released his second album, Hustle Town, through his label with distribution in Houston under Southwest Wholesale. In 2000 he signed a joint venture between his label and Universal Music Group which earned him a $500,000 advance and national distribution.[3] [4] In total he has released nine albums.

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